Pulling twitter updates with JSON and jQuery

I wrote a little script tonight to pull in my latest 3 tweets from twitter and display them on my blog.

Here is how I did it. I used the Twitter’s API and called my time line with a JSON call and consumed it with jQuery and outputted it to a blank div.

Basically what this does is pulls in the data from twitter and makes them available as objects.  I then loop through each item and pull out the data I want and write it out to a unordered list. Update: make sure to look at the complete working example below as it has the two functions this code block is using (linkify and relative_time) to transform the JSON data into how I’d like it to look.

Here is the HTML stub it’s going to:


  • Doris Pelger

    Thank you for sharing this!
    Works great and comes just in time!

    • Ralph Whitbeck

      No problem Doris. Glad you found this useful.

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  • Jonathan Carling

    I’ve recent had to upgrade my company’s use of the Twitter API from v1.0 to v1.1. Your post was a massive help to get me quickly up to speed with the JSON side to fix one of our custom Twitter widgets. Thanks for the help!

  • Colin

    Thanks for this Ralph