Internet Explorer on a Mac Internet Explorer running on a Mac through Remote IE

Today, Microsoft announced a new tool that allows us to test in Internet Explorer almost natively on platforms outside of Windows.

Introducing Remote IE, a new remote application from Modern.IE suite of tools. Remote IE is a Remote Application running on Azure in the cloud. You can access it through the Remote Desktop Application on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

IE in Remote Desktop

Sign up for Remote IE

You can sign up to get access to Remote IE by going to and enter your email of your Microsoft account. You'll get an email telling you that your invited to the service.

You'll need Remote Desktop, if you're on a Mac you can find it in the App Store. Once you're invited to Remote IE. You can click on the Microsoft RemoteApp Icon in the toolbar. You will log you in to your Microsoft Account and make sure you have access to Remote IE.

Rey Bango has a great blog post walking you through the entire setup process.

Once you're invited you should see IE Technical Preview listed in Remote Desktop like in the screenshot above.

Double-clicking on it will spawn a new remote machine to spin up on Azure.

Remote Machine Spinning up

Once it fully loads you'll have access to IE that's on the Window 10 Technical Preview.

You can open the F12 Developer Tools and work with your site just like you would on Windows.

Remote IE - F12 Developer Tools

Accessing your Local Web Server from Remote IE

Now remember that Remote IE is running in the cloud so by default it has no idea how to access your localhost. ngrok is a tunneling application that will allow us to access our local development site externally.

ngrok is a command line tool that sets up a tunnel and an external url you can navigate to your web server on your local development environment. You can then navigate Remote IE to this external URL to debug a site you're developing locally.


As part of the IE User Agents program I can send any feedback about the application back to the engineers. If you'd like to message them directly you can find them on Twitter @IEDevChat.

Love to hear what you think of this. I found it to be really awesome as I've been testing it over the last month.