Here I updated the Apple Web Site in Web Inspector to advertise what gifts I would like.

Chalk this tip up to something you probably didn't know you could do. You can inspect a web site running on iOS using desktop Safari's Web Inspector.

Here's how you can set up your iOS device to inspect pages remotely:

Enable Web Inspector for Mobile Safari in Settings

Enable Web Inspector

On the iOS device, go to the and go to the settings for Safari.

Click on Advanced and make sure the toggle for Web Inspector is turned on.

Enable the Develop Menu in Safari

Safari - Preferences - Advanced

In Safari, open up Preferences...

Next click on the Advanced tab.

Make sure the Show Develop menu in menu bar is checked

Connect your iOS device to your Macintosh

Use your charging/transfer cable to connect your device

Connect your iOS device to your computer with your charging/data transfer cable and connect it to the USB port on your computer.

In the Develop menu choose the iOS device and see a list of Pages open.

You'll need to have Mobile Safari open on your iOS device before you can open the web inspector.

Once you're ready open up Safari on your Macintosh and click on the Develop menu. You'll see a list of devices including the iOS device that's connected. If you choose that device you'll then get a list of web pages that are open and once you choose a page the web inspector will open.

Now you'll be able to inspect and directly manipulate elements on the page just like you would if you were inspecting right in Safari.