Back on October 17, 2014, I received some bad news for my family and I. appendTo, the company I was currently working with as the Vice President of Training, laid everyone off and decided to shut it's doors. While it was a surprise of the timing of it all it wasn't so much a surprise in terms that it happened. As part of the leadership team for appendTo the boat started to take on water in early July and we put on life jackets in late August, so when the end finally came it really wasn't out of left field.

It was a tough couple of months since that day, with only two weeks of severance, little savings, and the only income in a family of five, the shit hit the fan. I am very thankful to Larry Roth and Hampton Bridwell at Tenet Partners for letting me freelance with them for a number of weeks. Without that work things would have been much more desperate for us.

I started the job search being pretty picky about what I was looking for. I wanted a company that would allow me to pursue being a fulltime Developer Advocate/Evanglist, allowed me to be able to travel, and finally I wanted to be able to still attend/speak/sponsor community conferences.

I was able to interview with some great companies LinkedIn, Twilio, Telerik, Github, and Apple. But I ultimately choose to go with Atlassian as the Developer Evangelist for their Atlassian Connect Marketplace where I will help developers build Add-ons for products like Confluence, JIRA, and HipChat. Most importantly I am thrilled that Atlassian will allow me to travel and attend conferences as requirement of the job.


Atlassian is an Australian based company and was ranked the #1 company to work for last year in Australia. Atlassian has seven offices around the world: San Francisco, Austin, Sydney, Saigon, Manila, Japan, and Amsterdam. I'll be working remotely from Rochester, NY with my team out of the SF office. I really am excited and looking forward to this next chapter and new challenges in my career.

I just finished my first week. I flew out to San Francisco and went through orientation, received my laptop, and met so many new faces. One of my challenges I am looking forward to is navigating a company as large as Atlassian (~1100 employees), the largest company I worked for never maxed out higher then 30 people.