Here are my top technology stories from last week:

A re-introduction to JavaScript

The Mozilla Developer Network released a written tutorial that re-introduces developers to the language. Starts out by walking through a short history and continues into an overview of core features.

JavaScript moves forward in Microsoft Edge with ECMAScript 6 and beyond

Microsoft announced the name of it's newest browser at Build called Edge. It's been a week full of announcements from the browser team. In this post, the team talks about the support for ES6 features. Certain features like Generators are now accessible behind a flag.

Tower of Babel

This Node.js application will introduce you to ES6 through a series of exercises. It uses Babel.js which allows you to write code with ES6 syntax.

Plain JavaScript examples of jQuery methods

Vanilla JS utilities for writing powerful web applications without jQuery. I've always wanted to document this, plain JS functions for jQuery methods.

Ionic 1.0.0

Ionic, a mobile framework based on Angular.js, announced it's 1.0.0 release.

JavaScript is 20 years old

May 15th marked the 20th anniversary of JavaScript. After hacking on it for 10 straight days, Brenden Eich demo'd it off. These are slides from Brenden's talk at Modern Web 2015 Conference talking about JavaScript at 20 years old.

Microsoft forks Node.js and swaps the V8 JS engine for their Chakra engine

A fork of Node.js that used the same JavaScript engine as the Edge browser.

Git with the Program and sign up for AtlasCamp

I'll be speaking at AtlasCamp next month on how to get your Atlassian Connect add-on across the finish line. But dit you know that AtlasCamp isn’t just for Atlassian developer's! We have a whole other track dedicated to developers who build great software and services.

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