Everyone has their favorite team chat service. Trying to get everyone to use one service is as impossible today as it was "yesterday" with IM services. So we're stuck having Skype, HipChat, and Slack open all the time to talk to everyone.

Yesterday, one of my coworkers shared with me a cool new service called Sameroom. Sameroom is an API bridge. Through the API's, you hook up a bridge from a room in one service (like HipChat) and then hook up a room from another service (like Slack). Once connected, Sameroom acts as the bridge that will sync messages between the two rooms.

This is great as I need to have HipChat open all day for work. At Atlassian, we're beta testing multiorg for HipChat and I decided to create an new account and hook up rooms from Slack.

First thing you do is to create an account which will ask you to authenticate into a service you use. I authenticated HipChat which guided me to grab my OAuth2 API key. Once logged in I could tell it what room I wanted to share. I created a new room that would be the bridge to a room in slack.

Side A

Next select the room you want to sync with in the other service.

Side B

Here's what it looks like once you get it all hooked up.

Slack Slack

HipChat HipChat

I admit the identity looks less then desirable. But if you use it so that you can just keep an eye on those rooms instead of keeping everything open it feels like it's worth the ugliness.


You can try out Sameroom for free which limits you to 30 API requests per hour. After that plans start at $9.


Keep in mind, you're giving up control of your private chat messages to a third party. So use common sense before setting this up. Set these up in chat rooms that have watercooler like banter and avoid the project specific rooms for now.


For me, it's an easy way to be able to close Slack and Skype and only open it when I need it. Or more importantly I can keep an eye on the conversation as I usually have those services closed anyway.

Here are my top technology stories from last week:

A re-introduction to JavaScript

The Mozilla Developer Network released a written tutorial that re-introduces developers to the language. Starts out by walking through a short history and continues into an overview of core features.

JavaScript moves forward in Microsoft Edge with ECMAScript 6 and beyond

Microsoft announced the name of it's newest browser at Build called Edge. It's been a week full of announcements from the browser team. In this post, the team talks about the support for ES6 features. Certain features like Generators are now accessible behind a flag.

Tower of Babel

This Node.js application will introduce you to ES6 through a series of exercises. It uses Babel.js which allows you to write code with ES6 syntax.

Plain JavaScript examples of jQuery methods

Vanilla JS utilities for writing powerful web applications without jQuery. I've always wanted to document this, plain JS functions for jQuery methods.

Ionic 1.0.0

Ionic, a mobile framework based on Angular.js, announced it's 1.0.0 release.

JavaScript is 20 years old

May 15th marked the 20th anniversary of JavaScript. After hacking on it for 10 straight days, Brenden Eich demo'd it off. These are slides from Brenden's talk at Modern Web 2015 Conference talking about JavaScript at 20 years old.

Microsoft forks Node.js and swaps the V8 JS engine for their Chakra engine

A fork of Node.js that used the same JavaScript engine as the Edge browser.

Git with the Program and sign up for AtlasCamp

I'll be speaking at AtlasCamp next month on how to get your Atlassian Connect add-on across the finish line. But dit you know that AtlasCamp isn’t just for Atlassian developer's! We have a whole other track dedicated to developers who build great software and services.

If you'd like to see more technology stories throughout the week, you can find me on twitter @RedWolves.

2 months ago I wrote My 2015 Personal Goals on my blog to make myself accountable for what I wanted to acheive this year. I figured now might be a good time to review those goals and see how I am doing to acheive them.

1. Lose 60 Pounds

Like I said when I set this goal this was going to be hard. I've had good early success losing as much as 8 lbs. But I've slipped on my eating and have gone back to drinking soda's and not eating the best. Been going to crossfit in January but haven't gone in a couple of weeks with Hope being in Florida.

The Winter months are really hard for trying to lose weight in my opinion. You really can't go outside and exercise and going to Crossfit is more of an ordeal then it was in the summer.

Verdict: Needs more work and attention

2. Create an Emergency fund of at least $10,000

I am probably most proud of the progress in this goal. As of this writing I am at 14% to reaching my $10,000 goal for the year. This is the most I've set aside ever for emergencies and the peace of mind of just having $1000 set aside is amazing.

Verdict: On pace

3. Create better work/life balance

Hmm...this one will always be hard for me. I asked my wife last night what she thought about how I've done on this goal and I was given an honest no bullshit answer of I haven't done enough to create better work/life balance.

Fair enough. Through talking with her though she equates me being on the computer to working and I'm not working all the time. So more effort needs to be put in here on my part.

Verdict: Needs work

4. Plan a family trip

I am so excited. Through our better money management that we are accomplishing with the emergency fund and working with my wife on budgeting and proper money management we were able to in just two months reserve a rental house with half the payment for the week.

Both Hope and I are really excited to have rented out this house in Hilton Head, SC at the end of August. Here's some pictures of the place:

I mean the place is just gorgeous. Our final payment isn't due till July and we should be able to have that by May.


5. Figure out what's causing my allergies

No progress has been made here although I do have a doctors appointment next month. Unfortunately it falls on a day I'll be in San Francisco, so I'll need to reschedule.

Verdict: No progress

All in all I'm pretty happy with the progress. I do pull up my goals at least once every two weeks just to reread what I set out for myself and plan how to move forward.